To Cultivate a Better You

All range of courses aimed to shape the mind of the candidates to face obstacles with confidence and courage

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    • There has been more than 2,300 courses and workshops completed thus far.

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    • There are 5 levels of Dynamic Self Awakening courses and various workshops.

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  • Workshops

    • There are also magazines published monthly and widely distributed throughout the world.

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  • Benefits

    • It changes a life and that one life can change an individual. It will transform one's life and show how one can overcome one's limitations.

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Meet the Founder
Master Dr. Gabriel S.S.

He is the founder of 7th Sense, Dynamic Heart Mind Spiritual Meditation and the Experiential Neuro Linguistic Psychology Programme. He has authored 2 books. He has been awarded a Special Recognition Award by the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners for his leadership and commitment to the therapeutic applications of hypnotherapy throughout Malaysia and South East Asia. He is also a founder member of the World University Roundtable.


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To cultivate a better you!

Courses that features sharing of his most compelling hard earned wisdom to face obstacles with confidence and courage. Various participants have acknowledged and experience various benefits and miracles in building up a greater character in themselves. Ultimately, our courses aim to cultivate a better you in life.

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